VIRUN and East West Bank partner-up to save lives

Though the funding for SBA loans ran out last week, VIRUN Nutra-biosciences was able to get fully funded with the help of East West Bank. VIRUN manufactures food products and dietary supplements and are considered part of the essential workforce. Virun is a contract manufacturer for private label companies who are supplying physicians and hospitals, in need of OTC products, for patients fighting and recovering from Covid-19. Virun makes immune boosting products such as liposomal Vitamin C and patented, clinically proven Glutathione Tripeptides bound to Lactoferrin that have shown success in trials toward innate immunity.12

Last week, a VIRUN customer received an email from Sarah (name changed to protect privacy) who had developed COVID-19 in March. She was having “really bad shortness of breath and body aches.” Sarah started taking regular doses of the Virun-manufactured liposomal vitamin C, and she said it improved her symptoms. Sarah continued “It was literally the best I have felt since my symptoms in mid-March. Last night was the first night I did not struggle too hard with my breathing, still a bit of difficulty but so much better.”

East West Bank helped VIRUN secure funding from the recent SBA Paycheck Protection Program to protect employee payroll during the Covid-19 pandemic. This much needed assistance will allow Virun to continue to pay existing employees, hire more personnel, and scale up operations to speed up production of essential supplies that are being sent to hospitals, health care practitioners, grocery and health food stores all over the world. CEO Philip Bromley says he is thankful to have been funded because he knows there were many businesses who did not receive funding from other banking institutions, “We were funded within 18 hours of being approved by This allowed us to continue to pay our current employees and hire more workers, while freeing up capital to purchase a much-needed pouch filler to add to the production line.” Virun has begun operating 7 days a week, to safely stagger smaller crews to abide by the State of California’s social-distancing guidelines, and to meet demand for products using the company’s patented delivery system technology.

About Virun NutraBIOsciences:
Founded in 2003, Virun NutraBIOsciences was formed to create nutritious, great tasting and novel formulations for the food, beverage, supplements and pharmaceutical industries. Located in Pomona, California, Virun is a fully integrated research, production and manufacturing facility, which quickly conceptualizes ideas to create innovative custom bulk blends and finished products for contract manufacturing. Virun is the only biotechnology company that owns over 80 patents worldwide and develops technology around biochemistry practices. Its technologies include Esolv, a clean-label claim emulsifier; OmegaH20, which incorporates Omega-3 EPA DHA into clear, shelf-stable, clean label claim beverages without a fishy taste; Probiferrin, a technology that increases the bioavailability and shelf-life of probiotics in powders and beverages, and other innovative solutions and brands, including its own line of algal Omega DHA MCT smoothies. Manufacturers interested in learning more can contact Virun at


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