About Virun

Virun’s mission is to make nutrition better by applying NutraBiosciences®, a unique platform which combines the principles of chemistry and biology to create new delivery technologies for healthy but difficult-to-formulate ingredients and incorporate them into nourishing finished products. Our company specializes in formulating and co-manufacturing novel nutritional products which truly look to improve health and wellbeing, instead of simply appearing to do so.

An overview

Founded in 2003, Virun Nutra-BioSciences® was formed to create nutritious, great tasting and novel formulations for the food, beverage, supplement and pharmaceutical industries. 

In the beginning, Philip Bromley was a Southern California surfer-dude, who had a head full of dreadlocks that happened to be skilled in biology and chemistry and worked as a formulator. One glorious day, he met a very interesting man named Nickols Huang, an ingredients supplier with an international network at his fingertips.  They soon realized that with their powers combined, they could create the ultimate formulation company that would specialize in unique delivery technologies for the medical industry. 

The technology they developed was called MAPT – Mucosal Adhesive Penetrating Technology – a biotechnology that helped to orally deliver insulin and avoid the use of injections. This soon helped pave the way for the small fledgling company to develop other delivery systems. 

Our Name

Our name hearkens back to Philip and Nick’s early ties to the pharmaceutical industry. Philip’s delivery technologies were closely based upon the natural processes seen in viruses and the immune system. So, when it came time to christen Philip and Nick’s brainchild, the name of the new company was an obvious choice: Virus + Immune = Virun. Voila! Virun was born. 

Where are we now

Since its inception Virun has developed over 50 product concentrates, over 100 commercialized products that allow difficult-to-dissolve, fortifiable ingredients into food and beverage applications that are associated with efficacious health claims and has worked with over 20 clients spanning across several industries. Virun not only creates medical grade pharmaceutical supplements but also expanded into the foods and beverages market.  

Over the past several decades, the industry has exploded with a need for innovative technologies and functional products. Seeing an important correlation between drug delivery and nutrient delivery, Philip was able to apply the principles of biology and chemistry to functional foods, beverages and supplements. As a result, the company now holds more than 100 patents and patents pending worldwide and is the only company capable of creating truly functional and innovative formulations and products for clients in the food, beverage, health and wellness, and pharmaceutical industry.

what we do

Virun specializes in oil emulsions for ingredients such as Omega-3 EPA/DHA, astaxanthin, and PQQ, but is able to deliver probiotics through an advanced technique that increases probiotic survivability and high shelf-life. 

The company continues to invest in and create technologies that change the way people receive nutritious ingredients. 

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Our Team

Philip Bromley

CEO and Head Scientist

Peter Hoosier


Nina Parker

Director of Human Resources / Legal

Blayne Nuccio

Chief Science Officer

Marcos Moran

Director of Engineering

Nickols Huang