• Delicious & Highly Bioavailable Food, Beverage or Dietary Supplements
  • Efficient Manufacturing
  • Reliable Co-packing

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Delicious and unbeatable flavor that your customers will love to come back to for more.

Backed by Science

Backed by science, we have 100+ patents and patent-pending IP worldwide, all with publications.

We Can do it all: One Stop Shop

Instead of having hiring separate manufacturers or co-packers, we can formulate, manufacture, and co-pack saving clients' money.


We process in a USDA certified organic, offer Kosher options, are non-GMO, are all-natural, and do not use preservatives.

Product Formulation

“I have this great product idea but my formula is separating and tastes bitter and sour, why won’t it work the way I want it to?”


“I’m losing money trying to do everything myself! I need someone who can just take care of the manufacturing and logistics so I can focus on other business aspects.”


“Our company is growing and we have some tight deadlines; we need help keeping up with high production and demands!”

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