Chaos and development

The process from any idea to a complete product begins with the mess and uncertainty of chaos but becomes refined through trial and error.

Virun creates finished, private-label products and concentrates utilizing our patented technologies.

Our expertise lies in developing products which are new, different, and more likely to be successful on the store shelf. We specialize in formulating products using healthy ingredients consisting of FATS, NON-POLAR COMPOUNDS, PROTEINS and PROBIOTICS.

For example, we can deliver up to 20,000mg of a single fat in as low as a 2oz shot, or 3,500mg in a tablespoon, all while delivering great flavor, stability and a satisfying experience (think of products similar to ice cream, chocolate milk or soda, but without the sugar and containing only good fats such as MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides), EPA DHA Omega 3 or CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid).
Incorporating such ingredients into foods, beverages, shots and treats as well as tasty dietary supplements are an uncharted opportunity and VIRUN is on the forefront with its patented technologies. Virun does not sell its own label, as we prefer to support the brands which invest in their products with us.

Additionally, Virun’s team of innovative chemists and food scientists are highly skilled at finding solutions to your product development challenges. Whether you want to bring a product to market to attack a specific nutritional or functional issue or re-launch a product currently on the shelf to make it fit in with the trend toward all-natural ingredients, Virun is your team.