Astaxanthin (AstaxH20)

A flamingos’ feathers are those brilliant shades of pink, salmon and red because of the carotenoids found in the briny shrimp and the algae that makes up the majority of their diet. Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring carotenoid well known for its therapeutic benefits and antioxidant properties. It is pretty, but it is also stinky. Astaxanthin smells fishy, so it has typically been found in tablets and softgels, which removes the ingredient from much of consumers’ marketplace. Many people aren’t able to swallow capsules or just don’t wish to take yet another pill. Additionally, carotenoids are insoluble and difficult to get into the bloodstream.

Virun’s AstaxH2O solves these problems. Using Virun’s patented Esolv© technology, the astaxanthin is deodorized through a bicarbonate process and encapsulated into micelles, and then spray-dried. The result is a water-soluble astaxanthin powder that is highly bioavailable, dissolves clear into beverages, and carries no fishy taste. See for yourself! The following video shows the dissolution of 4 mg. AstaxH2O to a 16 oz. beverage. It also acts as an absolutely beautiful natural color. (Click on the image of the glass below)