Any company with the right equipment can mix stuff together. And while we are very good at mixing, that’s not what Virun is about. Virun is a nutrient delivery and product development company. Our patented and patents-pending technologies give us the ability to deliver compounds and nutrients to the body , we have the ability to perform magic; like making oil-based nutrients water soluble, and therefore more bioavailable. We make probiotics survive longer, both on the shelf and in the body. We can take a horrible smelling and tasting nutrient and turn it into a tasty and odor-free product. And we can take the bad chemicals out of your product, and replace it with natural ingredients. The other difference between Virun and other guys out there is our creativity. We take pride in our ability to solve problems, and to constantly discover new ways to deliver nutrients to the body.

With your idea! Give us a call or shoot us an email at We will discuss your project, goals, and timeline, and answer your questions about the process. When you are ready to start creating your product is up to you.

No. Every product we create is a custom formulation based on collaboration with our client. Our products are developed on a project-by-project basis. Therefore, we do not sell private-label products.

We have a wide presence in the marketplace, from omega waters and smoothies to juices and soft drinks, yogurts, probiotics, milk, coffee creamers, nutritional supplements, weight loss products and energy drinks, relaxation products, beer, cosmetics and many more. Our clients consist of start-up companies and global corporations alike, from niche or novel markets sold online to household names sold in national chains and big box stores. There is a significant chance that you have consumed Virun products in the normal course of your life. However, most of our clients prefer that our work remains confidential, and that expectation is extremely important to us, as it will be with your product.

The cost to develop and manufacture your product will vary greatly depending upon the type of product, its’ complexity, ingredients, goals, timetable and other factors. We can give you an idea of the cost of your project once we know more about it.

Absolutely. We offer all prospective clients our Mutual Confidentiality Agreement, or if you have an agreement you prefer, we will review it for mutuality and fairness. A confidentiality agreement is helpful to all parties as it encourages open and honest discussion without fear that proprietary information will be wrongfully used or disclosed. We want you to feel comfortable with our process, just as we need to feel secure in disclosing information about our proprietary technologies.

When a client brings us an idea for development, the client owns that formulation. This is the most common scenario. However, in some instances companies have asked to private label a formula already owned by Virun, and in those cases, Virun retains ownership.

No. We can take you from your idea to your finished product, but the distribution, branding and marketing we leave up to you. In this way, we can devote our energy to de3veloping new technologies and products with integrity and confidentiality, without running afoul of conflicting business interests. 

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