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November 13th- 15th, 2022

Since 2003, we've help brands grow through private and white labeling!

From ready-made finished products to custom formulation, we’ll help you create the best finish products for your business. We’ve helped hundreds of brands grow from their business from ready-made products to custom formulation.

About Us

VIRUN is a bioscience company with 20 years of experience building brands and creating amazing flavored vitamins and supplements! We help companies private and white label interesting and novel products, many of which can be found in such stores as Whole Foods, Sprouts, Erewhon, just to name a few!

Have you ever tasted a Vitamin D supplement that tasted like an orange cream popsicle, or Melatonin that tasted like fudge and brownies! We work with many different raw ingredients, in our USDA organic certified facility, right in Southern California. Many of our ingredients come from difficult raw materials such as Ashwaghanda, Astaxanthin, Omega-3 EPA/DHA, Curcumin, CoQ10, Vitamin B, Collagen… and much more!

We have a range of product offerings from small shot-style bottles, tinctures, glass, plastic, multi-serving, and pouches, we can bring your product idea to life.

VIRUN does it all! We are a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Revolutionary Leaders in Product Formulation

We believe in creating quality products that people not only enjoy, but delivers on the promises that we offer. We create products that are both delicious AND efficacious.

Complete Large
Scale Bulk Order Manufacturing

With twenty years of industry experience, scaling up your product into bulk manufacturing is an easy process when working with Virun’s production team!

High speed
Co-packing lines for finished products

With several co-packing lines, we can completely package quickly, and ship your finished products directly to store shelves or your own warehouse.

Allergen and Vegan friendly; Plant Conscious

Our capabilities can help you reach new audiences and remain relevant to a changing world. Gluten free, soy free, natural, organic, keto, plant based; tell us what you need and we’ll help you make it!

Quality Assured, cGMP Compliant, and Organic Certified

Tested, proven, and quality assured. We test our products in-house and 3rd party to make sure the products are safe, consistent, high-quality, and up-to-standard for your food or beverage product.

Private and White Labeling for New and Expanding Brands

We help build brands! We’ve helped hundreds of businesses kickstart their business. We’ve got a range of stock formulations you can choose from, or let us help you create a custom product.

Fast Lead Times and Low MOQs!

VIRUNs’ aseptic, preservative-free process can be done either in hot- or cold-fill, and our production lines will take your product from bulk manufacturing to bottling, capping, labeling, boxing, and shipping.

We have fully automated rotary lines capable of producing 100,000 multi-serving bottles per day; resulting in completed finished products in less than 2-3 weeks of production time.

We also offer low minimum order quantities for lower starting costs than most other companies. Ask us how!

How fast can you say 'AI-powered'?

Our high speed, ai powered co-packing lines can finish your products, complete with your labeled brand quality assured, capped, boxed and shipped out within 2-3 weeks!

Your Brand can be on any one of these packaging solutions...

With a variety of packaging options, your brand can easily accommodate your customer needs!

o3 smoothies single-serve pouches

Unique, on-the-go, single-serving pouches for your busy customers from 10mL to 15mL, with box sets available from 12 to 30 pouches


Glass bottles and tinctures in 1, 2, 3 and up to 16 ounce varieties with regular caps or specialty pumps or droppers


Our shot and tincture bottles come in both glass and plastic PET; perfect for samples, and functional formulated beverages

o3 smoothies bottles 8 and 16 ounces

8 oz and 16 oz multi-serving in recyclable PET bottles are nitrogen-dosed, heat-induction sealed, and topped with a spill-proof cap

Want to learn more about us?

Check out our website and learn more about our services and patented technology that will help you make an informed decision about private and white labeling with us!

Our technologies are backed by science, with 100+ patents and patents-pending worldwide. With an ever expanding roster of private label products, we have created many pharmaco-kinetic, efficacious products that you can take straight to market, including multivitamins, omega-3 smoothies and creamers, probiotics, and specialty supplements. Or, create something innovate and new!

Our top notch customer service will help you get a leg up on your competition!

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