About DPtechnology®

Cows pumping iron? Really? Yes, it makes sense, just hear me out.

There are many ingredients out there that have amazing potential to change our health, but their efficacy is limited by their ability to get into our systems where they can do some good. Ingredients like resveratrol, turmeric, probiotics, glutathione, and etc., either have a hard time getting past stomach degradation (hence the concept of expensive urine), or can’t pass into the blood or lymphatic systems.

That is where our Direct Precision Technology comes into play. Trademarked as DPtechnology®, this patented delivery system combines principles of biology and chemistry as related to transferrins, to create a naturally occurring, timed delivery system for peptides, proteins and ingredient compounds. DPtechnology® increases the bioavailability of ingredients while bypassing stomach degradation. This allows the better absorption, distribution, and metabolism of the bound ingredient.


The Science-y Explanation of DPtechnology®

Lactoferrin has been shown to bypass stomach degradation and increases the survival rate of Proteins and Probiotics. Lactoferrin is an iron chelating protein. When not bound to iron, Lactoferrin chelates iron in the gut, binds lipo receptor proteins on the gut mucosa and mediates across the mucosa, thereby delivering iron into blood plasma. By binding, for example, proteins and probiotics to Lactoferrin, DPtechnology® stabilizes the protein and probiotic and delivers proteins to blood plasma and probiotics to the gut mucosa surface.

Virun uses its DPtechnology® to successfully bind lactoferrin to probiotic strains causing the probiotics to become more durable. Virun has patented its probiotic delivery technology and trademarked it as Probiferrin™. Probiferrin has been shown to extend the shelf-life and stability of common probiotic strains at room temperature.


DPtechnology® + Glutathione

Virun’s DPtechnology® is also used to bind lactoferrin to glutathione, making it stable in liquids used for beverages, shots, gels and smoothies. Glutathione is often called a “master antioxidant” as it has vast health benefits linked to the immune system, memory, eye health, energy and aging (WhatIsGlutathione.org, 2016). Outside factors such as stress and poor diet attribute to low levels of glutathione in the body, thus creating a need for supplementation.

Contact Virun to learn more about DPtechnology® and how it can be applied to your ingredients and finished products.


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